I’ve always been a bit crafty, cupboards stuffed full of fabric, trims and thread and drawers full of dyes, paints, glue guns, and glitter.  However, I had two boys to raise and after a 15 year diet of swords, guns and war hammer, something had to change.













The nest was empty boohoo, the toys of war are now packed away awaiting another generation and the old play room transformed.  “I know why the caged bird sings”!  It is because "The Aviary" is filled with felt and bolts of cloth and padded bags and spools of thread and skeins of cottonand needles and threads and measuring tapes and  patterns and gadgets for cutting and pinking.  


I started my first cushion back in  2006.  They were designed to brighten a dull corner or as a gift for a friend.   The inspiration for most of the designs comes from friends, and believe you me I have some fussy ones! Not just any ol' thing is going to earn the right to rest on their couches. You know who you are. 


Some of these friends have  tested my kits and it has become apparent that it is not only a kit but a personality test of sorts.  To all of  them, thank you for your encouragement  and for inspiring me in countless ways.


On the business side, if my husband says one more time, “If starting a business was easy, everyone would be doing it,” I may have to kill him. I have to admit he has suffered through the histrionics of the learning  how to use a graphics package, the trauma of website building, the trials of pattern scanning, not to mention the endless worldwide search for bits and pieces. All this he has endured with good grace, (mostly). He is now fluent in the quaint and specialised language of the haberdashery world even though this is of no interest to him. He’s a keeper.


This kit comes to you from New Zealand, at the bottom of the world,

Hope you enjoy it.


Birdie Brown

Don't let that old bag of a sewing mistress or a lack of experience get the better of you. Try again and here's why !

Easy sewing, modern fresh designs in beautiful colours and wool fabrics with comprehensive illustrated instructions packaged up in a kit. Whether you are of the genereration who has never played a record, tasted junket, clutch started a car or learnt to sew, or you are of the other who did, and never thought they would ever want to do so again but as of late have felt their innner craft calling,  these kits are designed for you!